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Weekly Update 10/19/2021
by Eric Singleton on October 21st, 2021
Good morning!We're inching closer to utilizing our new space! Thank you for your continued faithful support of this important project in the life of South Woods. We've branded it in our minds - Making Space for Making Disciples!Mercy for Memphis - Please pray for fruit from the time spent sharing the gospel at Shelby Farms. It is encouraging to hear of the opportunities that God placed before thos...  Read More
Weekly Update 10/05/2021
by Eric Singleton on October 5th, 2021
Greetings!Pastor Matt and I made our usual rounds this morning to check out progress on the building. Workers are erecting the steel framework for the new addition! We’re excited to see this progress! The renovation work continues with some of the fine details being addressed. We hope to be able to use this portion of the building in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. . . .We look forward to renewing ...  Read More
Weekly Update 09/28/2021
by Eric Singleton on October 1st, 2021
Greetings!The building work is really taking shape! We should see the foundation poured for the new addition today or tomorrow. Details on the children’s wing continue to unfold. We are hoping to be able to start using this portion of the building, excluding the expansion, toward the latter part of October.Speaking of October. How about us doing our annual (almost annual, thanks Covid) Elder Burge...  Read More
Weekly Update 09/15/2021
by Eric Singleton on September 15th, 2021
Greetings!I left the worship gathering on Sunday encouraged by the praises of God’s people and the exposition of God’s Word. We saw the beauty and power of the way the Lord works even among pagan people to open their eyes and show them the way to know Him. We sang about that. We read the Word about that. Then we heard the Word teaching about that. I hope that makes us pause long and thoughtfully t...  Read More
Weekly Update 09/07/2021
by Eric Singleton on September 8th, 2021
Greetings!I took a look out back this morning to see how the construction/remodeling is going. The electricians are busily at work finishing up all their tasks while there’s a crew doing the foundation work for the new addition. It looks like the weather will cooperate this week so that the foundation can be laid and work gets started toward the preschool addition. Meanwhile, the other rooms (much...  Read More
Weekly Update 08/31/2021
by Eric Singleton on September 1st, 2021
Greetings!We’re thankful to have been spared the horrible weather south of us, while praying for those who met the wrath of Hurricane Ida. Let’s keep the many crews in our prayers as they work to restore power and essentials. Let us continue to pray, as well, for the believers in Afghanistan who face living under enormous threats each day. Much of my meditation and prayers in reading the Word of l...  Read More
Weekly Update 08/24/2021
by Eric Singleton on August 25th, 2021
Good afternoon,What an encouraging Sunday considering Saul/Paul, Sergius Paulus, and the triumph of the gospel on the island of Cyprus. If you missed that sermon, you can read or watch it here: ( However, for me, the highlights on Sunday were, 1. hearing the kids begin the worship service reciting Psalm 1, and then, 1a. hearing the body sing "Christ Our Hope in Life and ...  Read More
Weekly Update 08/17/2021
by Eric Singleton on August 18th, 2021
Good afternoon,What a joy it was Sunday to gather, worship, and pray the very things we saw the Antioch church do in Acts 13. If you missed that sermon on "The Church that Sends," you can watch or read it here: Phil prayed for this Sunday, but let's continue to be interceding for parents, teachers, and the students in our body that have ramped things up the past co...  Read More
Weekly Update 08/10/2021
by Eric Singleton on August 11th, 2021
Greetings!Maybe I should write, overly warm greetings! Temps are piping right now. Summer continues but fall is drawing near. That’s especially noted with kids starting back to school. We hope that the year ahead will be filled with the wonder of learning as a gracious gift from the Lord for our kids. And to the college students (a couple of new ones from South Woods, too), we pray that you will f...  Read More
Weekly Update 08/03/2021
by Eric Singleton on August 4th, 2021
Greetings!We’re seeing some good progress with the building/remodeling project. The “fire lane” required on the south side of the property was poured this week. It looks nice but is a road to no where! I’m sure some of the kids will find good use for it since we prefer that the fire department never have a need for it! Most of the walls are up in the new children/preschool area (excluding the addi...  Read More
Weekly Update 07/27/2021
by Eric Singleton on July 27th, 2021
Greetings!Welcome back Matt, Julie, Owen, Eden, and Andrew! We welcome the Sligers back after finishing up a sabbatical in the northeast. We’re thankful for that time of refreshing that they were able to have. Pray for Matt as he prepares to preach on Sunday. Catching up after being away for a month is a challenge! So do pray!It’s great to be back after spending a week teaching at Southeastern Sem...  Read More
Weekly Update 07/20/2021
by Eric Singleton on July 21st, 2021
Greetings from Wake Forest!I left on Sunday afternoon to record video lectures with my co-professor Keith Whitfield at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as we do an online class this fall on The Doctrine of the Christian Life. This will be the third time that we’ve taught a class together. I love working with him and enjoy the encouragement in our fellowship as we discuss the doctrine of ...  Read More
Weekly Update 07/13/2021
by Eric Singleton on July 13th, 2021
Greetings!What a wonderful day we had on Sunday! Gathering together in one service, finally, brought a lot of joy in the room. I loved watching the interaction before and after the service, as you lingered to spend time with one another. There was a lot of encouragement going on with our time together. We’re thankful for a sweet time of worship.The study in Sinclair Ferguson’s book, Devoted to God...  Read More
Weekly Update 07/06/2021
by Eric Singleton on July 7th, 2021
Greetings!No sign up this week! Thankfully, we get started with ONE WORSHIP SERVICE this Sunday at 10:15 A.M.! After over a year of tripling and doubling services, we’re thankful that the time has come to gather together in one time of worship and celebration of the mercies of our Lord. I look forward to seeing everyone together!Pastor Chris served us so faithfully on Sunday with a worshipful, ins...  Read More
Weekly Update 06/29/2021
by Eric Singleton on June 30th, 2021
Greetings!Some good things need to come to an end. Some do, some don’t. It was a good thing that we have been able to meet in multiple services to allow gatherings during the pandemic instead of trying to do some kind of online substitute (worship is a gathering—not an online viewing). When I hear of some churches still relying on online but not meeting, I find it depressing! But that good thing i...  Read More
Weekly Update 06/08/2021
by Eric Singleton on June 10th, 2021
Good afternoon,What a joy to gather to sing and pray and study the Word together this past Sunday. Thank you to everyone who served our children in the preschool area! I'm sure it was a bit of a transition for the kids that haven't done that in 14 months, but I imagine they'll reacquaint themselves with that area/practice over the next few weeks.Obviously we're all grieving with Chris after the pa...  Read More
Weekly Update 06/01/2021
by Eric Singleton on June 2nd, 2021
Greetings!On a lovely Sunday, we had an encouraging time of worship, as the body gathered to seek the Lord together. As we thought together on Jesus commanding, choosing, and purposing, we found a number of applications and implications in our text from Acts 9 that went to the heart of our lives. I had some wonderful moments of worship in preparing to preach on Sunday. You can check out last Sunda...  Read More
Weekly Update 05/25/2021
by Eric Singleton on May 25th, 2021
Good afternoon,I pray those of you who gathered Sunday were freshly reminded of the pursuing grace of God as we considered Saul's conversion. If you missed Sunday's sermon, you can watch it here (insert link) or see the attached manuscript.As I said on Sunday, I want to commend our parents of young kids for slogging through the past 14 months. It says a lot about parents that show up knowing they ...  Read More
Weekly Update 05/18/2021
by Eric Singleton on May 19th, 2021
Greetings!I’m sure that you noticed a gravel drive on the south side of our church building near the large, industrial dumpsters. That’s just a bit of evidence of the progress being made in the building project. The drive will be cemented in the next week or two, according to my info, per the requirements from the fire department. Plus, the west side of the building has been gutted, plumbing lines...  Read More
Weekly Update 05/11/2021
by Eric Singleton on May 11th, 2021
Greetings!What a wonderful time we had on Sunday with finally getting to introduce a few of the babies born during the past year! I know there were a few more that were unable to be with us, but what a joy to welcome Nicole, Carmen, and Simeon as precious gifts from the Lord to pray for, point to Christ, and encourage as they grow!Pastor Chris did a superb job in helping us to see the hand of the ...  Read More
Weekly Update 05/04/2021
by Eric Singleton on May 5th, 2021
Good afternoon,I know we say this often, but it's a joy to help pastor a church that loves and longs to hear the word of God. This past Sunday I had a weighty text, both in interpretation and in application. But after the service I was deeply encouraged by comments that revealed the body's appetite for the nourishment of God's word.This coming Sunday we'll pause our study in Acts so Pastor Chris c...  Read More
Weekly Update 04/27/2021
by Eric Singleton on April 28th, 2021
Greetings!It has been wonderful to see more and more of our congregation together in the two services! I love the lingering outside between services as you fellowship with one another and catch up with brothers and sisters you’ve maybe missed the past year. We hope that the time will come soon where we regather in one worship service. That will be sweet! We’re really happy to be doing the month of...  Read More
Weekly Update 04/13/2021
by Eric Singleton on April 15th, 2021
Good afternoon,After dividing Stephen's speech into three more manageable sections, we were able to study his conclusion this past weekend. It goes without saying, I think, but I hope you know Pastor Phil and I barely scratched the surface in that portion of Scripture. Stephen's heart and mind were saturated with the Old Testament. And He saw Jesus as the fulfillment of it all.If you missed Sunday...  Read More
Weekly Update 04/06/2021
by Eric Singleton on April 9th, 2021
Greetings!I’m reminded this week of how much I love spring, especially spring in Memphis! It’s absolutely beautiful today, as I see trees bursting forth with leaves against the backdrop of a blue sky. I know clouds and rain will come, but the sight of such beauty reminds us of the time when there’s no more night, darkness, storms, or trials. The resurrection declares it so!What a wonderful weekend...  Read More
Weekly Update 03/23/2021
by Eric Singleton on March 25th, 2021
Greetings!Our new STINT study is tomorrow night for the ladies and the teenagers (notice the shift in the students’ week). Devoted to God by Sinclair Ferguson is a clear book that walks through some of the key passages for living the Christian life. It’s my go-to book on the subject! I’m thankful that we’ve gotten started working through it. With this biblical exposition on key texts, we’re also h...  Read More
Weekly Update 03/09/2021
by Eric Singleton on March 10th, 2021
Greetings!We’ve enjoyed the lovely spring days that have come a little early after the frigid temperatures we endured for a while. I think my yard will be beckoning my attention before I know it.Pray for the membership weekend classes taking place this Friday and Saturday, as the elders lead these times with some interested in knowing more about membership at South Woods.I will appreciate you pray...  Read More
Weekly Update 02/23/2021
by Eric Singleton on February 23rd, 2021
Greetings!What a week! It has been many years since we’ve been housebound due to snow and ice but we survived quite well. We were just a day away from the parking lot at church being clear enough to meet last Sunday. Now it’s clear! So, we look forward to catching up where we left off in the book of Acts (6:1–7) and worshiping together.Tomorrow night at 6:30, our ongoing study in Gentle & Lowly wi...  Read More
Weekly Update 02/16/2021
by Eric Singleton on February 18th, 2021
Greetings!I’m looking out my 2nd floor study at my house and see a roof covered with snow. That’s not normal Memphis! This morning as I glanced at the weather, I read the temperature: 1 degree. That’s more like Minneapolis! The snow that began to fall on Sunday morning remains on the ground. It put a dent in being able to have our 3rd service on Sunday at 11:00 but otherwise, we are able to contin...  Read More
Weekly Update 02/10/2021
by Eric Singleton on February 13th, 2021
Good morning,Pastor Phil reminded us this weekend that the gospel––that which the Apostles' witnessed to––can be opposed by the world, can sometimes be distorted by God's people, and in other cases, can be entirely lost. Those responses to the gospel all happened throughout the history of the church. Because we face similar realities in our day, the message of Acts 5 helps to reorient us. Speaking...  Read More
Weekly Update 02/02/2021
by Eric Singleton on February 3rd, 2021
Good afternoon,It'd be tough to construct a starker contrast than the one portrayed between the generosity of Barnabas in Acts 4 and Ananias and Sapphira's duplicity in Acts 5. Chris taught from the latter this weekend with appropriate intensity, that which proceeds from a text that lovingly warns God's people. J. C. Ryle continues to ring in my ears: "Whatever else we are in religion, let us be t...  Read More
Weekly Update 01/26/2021
by Eric Singleton on January 26th, 2021
Greetings!January is almost behind us as we plow into 2021, with all the challenges and opportunities ahead. I’m thankful that we do so with the certainty of God’s grace at work with His people.This Sunday night, January 31st at 6:00, Joe Accardo will be preaching the 2nd message in a series of six sermons on Habakkuk, in our monthly Sunday night service led by our pastoral mentees. Jim Carnes pro...  Read More
Weekly Update 01/19/2021
by Eric Singleton on January 19th, 2021
Greetings!We’ve continued to have a fruitful time of study and discussion of Dane Ortlund’s Gentle & Lowly during our Wednesday night gatherings. We’ve met with men’s and ladies’ on alternating nights, with the teenagers joining the men’s night study. Jim Carnes will be teaching the men tomorrow night at 6:30 on chapters 16 & 17. It’s great to have this additional opportunity to see and talk with ...  Read More
Weekly Update 01/12/2021
by Eric Singleton on January 13th, 2021
Good afternoon,Sunday gave us the opportunity to gather so that we might petition our King, listen to Him speak, and worship Him as His people. If you were unable to join us, you can read, watch, or listen to the service here.During that sermon, I illustrated one of the points by recalling a conversation I had with Ms. Pernie Hester a few years ago. I actually thought about that conversation fitti...  Read More
Weekly Update 01/06/2021
by Eric Singleton on January 6th, 2021
Good afternoon,Pastor Phil's mentioned us having a worship service 1 Sunday night a month in 2021, largely for interns/mentees to plan the service and preach. Those guys have been working through the book of Habakkuk together, looking at how that prophet saw and understood the quandaries of faith. This coming Sunday night (6 pm) is the first one of these worship services. Jim will open up the firs...  Read More
Weekly Update 12/15/2020
by Eric Singleton on December 15th, 2020
Greetings!We’re thankful for the good group out this weekend and the accompanying spirit of worship that we experienced. We appreciate so much the faithfulness by which you pray for your pastors and encourage us in the work of gospel ministry.Tomorrow night we’ll have the last Wednesday night study of Gentle & Lowly for 2020, with our Ladies having the honor of closing out the year. The men and st...  Read More
Weekly Update 12/08/2020
by Eric Singleton on December 9th, 2020
Greetings!Thank you so much for the way you responded to the note on Saturday about wearing masks when entering and exiting the services. You did a great job and worked hard on the social distancing (even though that is hard for us to do because of our desire to fellowship with one another—and rightly so!). I’m repeating the note at the end of this update in case any of you missed it earlier.As we...  Read More
Weekly Update 12/01/2020
by Eric Singleton on December 1st, 2020
Greetings!I do think the chilly weather has arrived! I even saw a few snowflakes yesterday while working in my yard. Granted, it took careful attention to see them but a few floated down from the dark skies.We had two wonderful services on Sunday at the conclusion of Thanksgiving weekend. It was a joy to have a number of guests joining us as they visited with family members. What a sweet time we h...  Read More
Weekly Update 11/24/2020
by Eric Singleton on November 24th, 2020
Greetings!Well, we didn’t get to do our annual Thanksgiving Dinner but we did get to gather with one another in three services to worship and receive from God’s Word. So, we have much to be thankful for in that case! We’re having to make a lot of adjustments along the way due to the restrictions and ups/downs of this period. You’ve adjusted beautifully as a testimony of your love for Christ and th...  Read More
Weekly Update 11/17/2020
by Eric Singleton on November 17th, 2020
Greetings!Thanksgiving is fast approaching! One of our favorite traditions at South Woods, the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, should be this Sunday night. But alas, alas, confounded COVID! We’re hampered from joining together for this annual feast. While we regret it, we’re also looking with longing to the time when we can break bread together in fellowship meals. We’re not sure when that will happen...  Read More
Weekly Update 11/10/2020
by Eric Singleton on November 11th, 2020
Greetings!It was so good to have everyone together on Sunday! The weather was perfect! The Lord kindly gave us a lovely day to join together under the tent to sing praises, pray, confess sins, confess together the Word, and to worship through the exposition of God’s Word. Thank you for gathering in this setting to worship. As we’ve mentioned numerous times (and we’ll do it still more), we think it...  Read More