Weekly Update 12/28/2021


2022 is upon us! I’m so thankful for the last Sunday of the year’s time of worship. We sang, prayed, confessed sins, confessed our faith together, and heard an exceptional exposition from the Word. Pastor Chris expounded a difficult text, that of the killing of the baby boys around Bethlehem by a raging, maniacal Herod. Yet throughout, as Chris helped us to see, even in the tragedies abounding, God’s providence worked for good. Only our God can do that! I worshiped with much encouragement as the Word washed over my soul in refreshing ways. You can check out Sunday’s sermon here.

We look forward to the balance of Acts 17 being opened for us by Pastor Matt on the next couple of Sundays. Pray for him as he expounds the rich sermon preached by Paul among the cultural power brokers in ancient Athens. I love this text and look forward to our worshiping together as Matt preaches and we listen with anticipation of what the Lord might do in our midst.

We get started next Wednesday with a new (kind of) series in STINT, using Andy Johnson’s excellent little book Missions. We actually got started working through this book right when the pandemic hit. So we’re coming back full circle to work through. Andy pastors in Ankara, Turkey after serving as a pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church for many years. He’s a dear friend of a number of us who have enjoyed his mission insights in conversations and meetings. Join us, ladies first, next Wednesday, January 5th at 6:30 P.M. Students will be getting started in Greg Gilbert’s superb book, Why Trust the Bible? I’m pumped that our students will be reading and discussing this small but jam-packed book!

Let me encourage you to pick up and utilize one of the Bible Reading guide options available on our book rack. We might regret a lot of things that we do during the upcoming year. But for sure, we will not regret developing good disciplines of reading God’s Word daily! As we read through the Word, we’re feeding our souls on the truths needed to nourish our spiritual lives. Consequently, as we’re nourished individually, we contribute to the body’s spiritual nourishment and strength. Read the Word daily for yourself but also for the good of one another as we worship and serve together.

Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and the body over the past year. The year ahead will call for us to grow in faithfulness, as the adversary will fling plenty of fiery darts our way. We must put on the whole armor of God as a people who daily clothe ourselves in Christ. May we be found faithful. Pray for one another. Encourage one another. Serve Christ together.

We’re grateful for your love and support, along with the many expressions of encouragement that you’ve shown to your pastoral staff.

Phil N.
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