At South Woods

We purpose to make disciples who joyfully serve Christ together in ministry and missions. 

Children's Ministry

We believe parents are the primary disciplers of their children. Yet, we as the church desire to come alongside parents in teaching the gospel to children. Our vision is that the children of South Woods:

1. Know the chief testimony of God in the gospel – Jesus Christ and Him crucified for sinners.

2. Know the commandments of God which reveals God's glory, exposes sin, and leads to Jesus alone as the only hope of salvation and growth in godliness.

3. To both learn and remember the awesome works of God in His word and HIs sweet Sovereign work in their own lives.

4. To be equipped to such a degree that they might be able to tell both their immediate generation and the generation to come the great deeds of the God of Scripture.

Youth Ministry

We believe parents are the primary disciplers of their children. Yet we at SWBC desire to come alongside those parents in teaching the gospel to these young people.

The purpose of the student ministry at South Woods is to ground our young people in the Word of God. If we are to know anything about God, then we must look to what He has revealed about Himself in His Word. In the same way, if we are to know how this God expects us to live, then we must look to His Word for answers.

In that word, we find that God created us to live out the gospel together. Therefore, we work to teach  what the body of Christ ought to look like as well. This includes planning events to strengthen the  teenagers' relationships with both one another and with the multi–generational body of Christ.

Adult Education

Part of Jesus’ commission to the disciples included “teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you”.  (Matthew 28:20) We consider teaching to be one of the highest priorities of any local church. At South Woods we do this as various classes study the same biblical book (such as Hebrews) on Sunday mornings prior to our worship service. On Wednesday nights we offer more thematic classes to help apply the gospel.

At South Woods, our goal is the same as the Apostle Paul’s: “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.”