Weekly Update 12/21/2021

Good afternoon,

What a joy Sunday was, considering Immanuel––God with us––through song, sermon, and Scripture readings. If you missed Sunday's sermon from Matthew 1:18–25, you can watch or read that here: (God With Us, Matthew 1:18-25)

Thank you to Jim, Nancy, the choir, children's choir, parents of the children's choir, sound geniuses, and instrumentalists for helping us to consider Christ Sunday night. Pastor Phil and I were just discussing how clearly the good news of the gospel was presented through that music.  

As a few quick reminders, we will not gather tomorrow night (Wednesday). But, we will gather on Christmas Eve at 5 pm. We try to keep this service to 45 minutes. But, even in briefer time, we look forward to singing Christmas hymns together and picking up the next text in Matthew's Gospel. Pray for Pastor Phil as he preaches Christmas Eve (Matt. 2:1-12) and Pastor Chris as he preaches (2:13-23) next Sunday morning.

We just ordered more of Andy Johnson's Missions book for our STINT study that begins January 5th. Keep your ears open for more info soon. Make sure to pick up your other free books (Gilbert and Robinson) from the book rack in the next week.

All of your pastors love words, but I don't think our powers combined could craft adequate sentences to wholly express our gratitude for your generosity each Christmas season. Said simply, year after year it's overwhelming. So, thank you. Serving here is a joy.

We pray that in the busyness of this week, you'll take time to consider "the achievements of the Savior, effected by the incarnation," that are "of such a kind and number that if anyone should wish to expound them he would be like those who gaze at the expanse of the sea and wish to count its waves." (Athanasius, On the Incarnation, p. 167). And, as you count, might you be overwhelmed by all the mercy.

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