Weekly Update 11/23/2021


It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us! This year has moved along quickly. We look forward to gathering around the table on Thursday for a wonderful meal, giving thanks for the Lord’s mercies shown so abundantly to us. I hope that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

That means, of course, that Christmas is right around the corner. With it, we have two special opportunities, aside from our worship services before and after Christmas, to think on the incarnation of our Lord and great gift He is to all the redeemed. On December 19th at 6:00, we’ll have a special time of Christmas music and scripture reading centered on the Advent of our Lord. We’ll enjoy listening and participating in this time, with the children and adult choirs singing and congregation singing some of the wonderful songs of Advent. Join us for this time!

We’ll also have our Christmas Eve Communion service at 5:00 on December 24th. We had to cancel last year due to the Covid issues. But we’re thankful to be able to meditate on the Word together, sing of Christ, and then partake of Him through the Supper. As usual, this is a brief service of about 45 minutes. We hope that you can join the body in this celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Wednesday night 6:30 STINT will resume on December 1st, as the men will be up for Calvin’s Little Book on the Christian Life. We’ll be in chapters 2 and 3, as Calvin explores what it means to deny self as we live unto Christ. The children will have Wisdom Wednesdays, too!
The building project continues, with walls framed in the east wing and windows and door installed in the preschool expansion. We’re thankful that it is moving along quite well! Brick work on the expansion should start next week. We like progress!

I’ll remind you to pick up a copy of the proposed 2022 budget that was presented on Sunday. If you have questions, please see either Jay Campbell or Brian Knack, our deacons of finance. We’ll vote on the budget in a couple of weeks. Your faithful stewardship, as Jay mentioned on Sunday, has been a great encouragement during these days.

Acts 16 provides snapshots of three different (very different) conversions. Lydia—the God-fearer, the demonized slave girl, and the Roman jailer of Philippi. Each helps us to see the beautiful mosaic of God’s grace at work. Pastor Matt helped us to consider the darkness the slave girl lived under but by God’s kindness, was brought into the light of Christ. On Sunday he’ll open that familiar and much loved story of the jailer’s conversion. “What must I do to be saved?” he asked. Has there ever been a more important question? We’ll think on that together. Pray for Matt as he prepares to open the Word. You can check out this past Sunday’s sermon here.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Pastor Phil
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