Weekly Update 04/13/2021

Good afternoon,

After dividing Stephen's speech into three more manageable sections, we were able to study his conclusion this past weekend. It goes without saying, I think, but I hope you know Pastor Phil and I barely scratched the surface in that portion of Scripture. Stephen's heart and mind were saturated with the Old Testament. And He saw Jesus as the fulfillment of it all.
If you missed Sunday's sermon, you can read or watch it here.
The stiff–necked council will respond to Stephen's speech this coming Sunday. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, what happens in this text ushers in a new section in the book of Acts. Be praying for Pastor Phil as he prepares.
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This past weekend Jay Campbell, as one of our deacons of finance, gave an encouraging report on a significant gift to the building project that you've been giving to and praying for. He also updated the body on the overall financial picture, including the terms of the loan. I've attached his comments. You can watch the video linked above if that would be better. On April 25th, we'll plan to vote and reaffirm our prior approval from November of 2019.

Tomorrow night our men will continue Sinclair Ferguson's Devoted to God. As I taught the teenagers last week I was reminded how helpful this book would've been to me as a teenager, as someone who consistently put a legalistic emphasis upon imperatives over and above the indicative statements concerning God's deliverance in Christ. But Ephesians 4–6 comes after Ephesians 1–3. Men, I hope you'll make plans to join us tomorrow night at 6:30.

And our children's classes will return tomorrow as well. According to my sources, two weeks ago went really well. I'm thankful for those taking time to teach our children and for a church that prioritizes the gospel–centered instruction of our kids.
We'll look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow night at 6:30!

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