Weekly Update 12/07/2021


We’re thankful for the opportunity to see our facility improvements continue in rapid pace! The auditorium is being painted and re-carpeted today. Sheetrock is going up in the expansion as brickwork goes on outside. The fellowship hall area has several different subcontractors plying their skills to get that area ready for us to use. Thank you for your faithfulness in contributing toward this work (as well as your faithfulness in giving toward our regular needs).

This week the ladies gather on Wednesday at 6:30 along with the students for chapters 4 & 5 in John Calvin’s Little Book on the Christian Life. This has been an excellent study with helpful discussion. ON SUNDAY NIGHT, we’ll have our monthly worship service at 6:00, as we take a look together at Colossians 1:18–23. Alex Cheng will be preaching in that service, so pray for him as he prepares and then opens the Word to us. Last night I met with our guys who do the Sunday night preaching and had rich interaction on the Epistle to the Colossians. I love how these brothers love the Word and treasure the opportunity to open it with you. Join us for these monthly worship gatherings.

We look forward to an evening of music and reading God’s Word concerning the Incarnation of Jesus Christ on December 19th at 6:00. Last year we were sidelined for our annual Christmas music gathering. We’re thankful that we’ll be able to join together to celebrate the Lord Jesus. Bring a friend along for this lovely time of thinking on Christ whom the Father sent to be Savior of the world.

This past Sunday we considered the way the gospel message exploded in Thessalonica, and thankfully, how the same message is proclaimed to us through the exposition of the gospel of Christ. This message is available in video and in manuscript here. Will you pray with me that the Holy Spirit might bring the gospel message home to those who listened and are yet unbelieving?

I love what happens in the next passage in Acts (17:10–15), as the Berean church was planted with eagerness to receive the Word of God. We’ll think together about how to listen to God’s Word expounded as we consider this passage on Sunday. Please pray that the Lord might work among us as we open the Word together.

We plan to vote on approving the 2022 church budget at the start of this coming Lord’s Day service. If you have questions, please send a note to Jay Campbell or Brian Knack. They’ll be happy to respond.


Pastor Phil
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