Weekly Update 11/30/2021

Good afternoon,

I pray you were as encouraged, and challenged, by Acts 16 as I was. To think that we've been delivered into a kingdom that enables us to rejoice in the midst of suffering, to love those who cause suffering, to wash the wounds of those we've hurt, and to leverage what we have for the good of others, the King of that kingdom must save in seismic ways. And He does.

If you missed Sunday's sermon, you can watch, read, or listen to it here: https://subspla.sh/znkryr5 I appreciate all the ways our more tech–minded folks serve the body. All our sermons are uploaded to the website, our church app, and our podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/south-woods-baptist-church/id1510028229)

Speaking of work, the building work continues to press forward. It feels like 15 guys are on site today, doing everything from electrical work to laying block to welding to a number of other things you don't want me doing. We look forward to how this updated space will serve the body for years to come. We're in the already/not yet, but it's shaping up!

This was in the bulletin Sunday, but on Friday, December 17th we're excited about partnering with World Relief and the Mid–South Food Bank to distribute food at Redeemer Baptist Fellowship to those in need. Please let Chris know (crwilbanks@gmail.com) if you're interested in serving or have questions. There are 1.5 hour shifts available most of that morning.

We'll look forward to Sunday, when we'll begin our yearly mission emphasis on the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. 100% of these gifts go to the International Mission Board, which helps those like Daniel and Kristen Lowry stay on the field. Speaking of the IMB and Lottie Moon, we’ve had the joy of having Wesley and Jera Bullis as members for South Woods for the past five years. They served for 21 years with the IMB in several places and then spent time with us. This will be their last Sunday, as they’re moving to North Carolina to be nearer family. Do take a moment to speak to them or to give them a note and let them know of your love for them and appreciation for their service on our behalf to the nations. This weekend, we'll also look forward to a host of kids doing our opening Scripture reading (Psalm 100) from memory. And we'll be eager for Pastor Phil to open up our next text in Acts, when Paul and Silas land in Thessalonica to herald the gospel of Jesus as the long–awaited Christ.

Tomorrow night our men will discuss chapters 2 and 3 from Calvin's "Little Book" and our Wisdom Wednesday classes will meet for the children. See you tomorrow at 6:30!


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