Weekly Update 11/09/2021


As I work at my writing desk with a view out the window, I’m enjoying watching leaves turn. Honestly, one day last week I thought they changed within hours! Probably my imagination. But it’s still lovely!

We’re about ready to start brick work on the exterior of the building renovation extension. The east side is gutted, readying for details to start unfolding. Now I have a greater appreciation for businesses that have notes, “Pardon our dust!” We’ve had ample dust. So pardon our dust for a while as we keep the progress going.

The new STINT class on The Christian Life from a little book by John Calvin (written in modern English) is our brief, Wednesday 6:30 p.m. study. The men will be meeting this week along with the children for Wisdom Wednesdays.

I love the way the New Testament not only lays out in principle and commands the nature and functions of the local church, but also in picture to help us see it working out into real life. We come to the Word, not for philosophical ideas but real life lived out in Christ. That’s what we considered in our exposition from Acts 16:1–5 this week. We thought together on the means of grace Jesus has given to strengthen the church. Then we saw how these four means of grace (there are more but we noted these due to their position in the text) are woven into the fabric of church life: proclamation (of the gospel), training (as disciples), cooperation (partnership with other churches), and corporate holiness. You can check out the sermon here.

This Sunday we’ll be considering the Holy Spirit’s work in conversion. I cannot think of many subjects of more importance for us. Conversion involves our response to the gospel of Christ in repentance and faith. But it doesn’t happen without the work of the Spirit. Our text this week, Acts 16:6–15, will help us to see this wonderful miracle of conversion. Let’s pray that the Spirit might work in our midst as we open the Word in our gathering.

Look forward to seeing you this week!

Phil N.
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