Weekly Update 10/05/2021


Pastor Matt and I made our usual rounds this morning to check out progress on the building. Workers are erecting the steel framework for the new addition! We’re excited to see this progress! The renovation work continues with some of the fine details being addressed. We hope to be able to use this portion of the building in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. . . .

We look forward to renewing the annual Elder Burger Church Picnic on October 24th! We’ll start serving around 5:00 but encourage you to come earlier and enjoy being with others on what we hope will be a lovely day. As mentioned last week in the Update, instead of the normal invitation to bring side dishes, the church will be providing those this year and will be serving. We’ll provide drinks too. With that adjustment, we’ll carry on with burgers off the grill and lots of good fellowship with one another. Be sure to bring chairs or blankets to sit on.

During our restart on Mercy for Memphis two months ago, we had a really good opportunity to serve internationals as well as to do evangelism at Shelby Farms. We’ll be doing M4M again on October 17th, with one group needed for Afghan Closet Organization and the other doing evangelism at Shelby Farms. Both events are 4:00–6:00 p.m. Check with Pastor Chris for more info.

Pray for Pastor Chris and Joe Accardo who are meeting this week in North Carolina with a number of our workers who lead efforts in Central Asia. We’re part of the HUB Church team for Central Asian work, so they will be meeting up with leaders from Capitol Hill Baptist (Washington, DC), Providence Church (Raleigh), Summit Church (Durham), The Church at Brook Hills (Birmingham, AL), and a couple others to discuss how to serve our workers and the region.

Tomorrow night’s STINT class on Corporate Worship, the ladies will be considering chapter 6 in Matt Merker’s excellent book. Teenagers will be discussing chapter 4. Join us at 6:30!

Don’t forget that there will be another U-haul truck in the parking lot at South Woods THIS SATURDAY, October 9th, 10–Noon, to collect household and non-perishable food items for the Afghan refugees. We’ve already been able to serve one family that has come our way. Thank you for your generosity!

On Sunday we took a look at the start of the events leading to the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. I mentioned that some scholars call this the most important chapter in the book of Acts due to its critically decisive stand on the gospel of grace. We saw how some in the early church, perhaps well-meaning, reverted to legalism as the means to maintain the Christian faith. Yet that defective move was not relegated to the 1st century. We still face it today. I hope the exposition on Sunday helped us to see how the church must stand in unity on the gospel in every age. You can check out the sermon here. Lord willing, we’ll see this coming Sunday how the debate in Jerusalem ended with one of the simplest yet grandest statements about the gospel of grace in Christ alone. Pray for that gathering that the Lord might work among us.

Phil N.
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