Weekly Update 09/07/2021


I took a look out back this morning to see how the construction/remodeling is going. The electricians are busily at work finishing up all their tasks while there’s a crew doing the foundation work for the new addition. It looks like the weather will cooperate this week so that the foundation can be laid and work gets started toward the preschool addition. Meanwhile, the other rooms (much enlarged) are taking good shape. We hope, Lord willing, to be utilizing portions of the remodeled area, including the new ladies’ restroom, on September 19th. After that time, work will begin on the east side of the education space. Thank you for your patience with the rerouting, additional building materials, and a “slightly” increased amount of dust due to the building work going on! And thank you for your faithfulness in giving so we can pay a large chunk on the building by the time it’s completed.

We had a good start Saturday on gathering home goods and nonperishables for the Afghan refugees that will be coming to our city shortly. We want to continue to pray, pleading with our gracious Lord, that He might do His saving work in the refugees He has brought to our city. While we cannot fly into their country to do gospel work, the Lord has brought them to us so that we might serve to bring salvation through Jesus Christ to them (as we considered from Acts 13 on Sunday).

Tomorrow night the ladies will gather for the continuing study of Matt Merker’s excellent book, Corporate Worship, chapter 4. The teenagers will be considering chapter 2 this week. Join us at 6:30 p.m. Remember, worship is the one practice that we’re engaged in presently that will never end for those who are in Christ. We’re warming up each week for eternal worship!

Our time of worship on Sunday allowed us to see the impact of Paul’s sermon in Pisidian Antioch (Acts 13), as the Holy Spirit worked through the proclamation of the gospel to bring Gentiles to faith in Christ. Throughout, we saw how Jesus Christ works to bring sinners to Himself so that He might pour out His saving love and grace. Remarkably, as Paul told the hearers, those in union with Jesus become instruments to bring salvation to others around them. May the Lord use us to that end. You can check out Sunday’s sermon here.
There seemed to be a pattern on the first missionary journey. Go to a city. Preach the gospel. See conversions. Get run out of town. Do the same in the next place. Paul and Barnabas were expelled from Pisidian Antioch, but in the process of going, they continued to spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ wherever they went. In the wake of their movement, the Spirit used the gospel to change lives. He still does. Pray for Pastor Matt as he prepares to expound Acts 14 this week, as the gospel continues to move and take root in the Galatian region.

A few of you have asked if we’re planning to have our traditional fall picnic this year (a.k.a, “Elder Burgers”). Lord willing, absolutely! We’re looking at October 24th. So mark that one on your calendar.

Phil N.

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