Weekly Update 08/24/2021

Good afternoon,

What an encouraging Sunday considering Saul/Paul, Sergius Paulus, and the triumph of the gospel on the island of Cyprus. If you missed that sermon, you can read or watch it here: (https://subspla.sh/wncn7fw) However, for me, the highlights on Sunday were, 1. hearing the kids begin the worship service reciting Psalm 1, and then, 1a. hearing the body sing "Christ Our Hope in Life and Death." What a sound.

This coming Sunday we'll pick up in the next text in Acts 13, when Paul and Barnabas set sail from Cyprus and then speak the good news in a synagogue. We've seen Peter quote the Psalms. This Sunday Paul will do the same. Pray for Pastor Phil as he prepares. We'll also plan to observe the Lord's Supper together this coming Sunday.

Speaking of intercession, do continue praying for those in Afghanistan. For years, we've served as a Hub Church for those seeking to reach Persians with the gospel. Now the Lord is scattering many of those men and women around the globe. Let's pray that, like Acts 11, this scattering might serve as the scattering of seed for gospel purposes. Pray also that we, as Chris outlined in the helpful email yesterday, might see our role in serving those affected, for the glory of Christ.

Pastor Phil and I took a walk through the wing that's being renovated this morning and saw nice, new LED lights in some of the rooms. It looks like the dimensions of the addition off that wing have also been dug up. Every day we're seeing progress, for which we're thankful.

Tomorrow night our ladies will continue their study of Matt Merker's book on worship. I'll lead the teenagers through the same book. Last Sunday I made an off–the–cuff remark about congregational worship being the highest art form on the planet, something I truly believe. A few years ago (2018) I wrote a short article making that case. If you're interested, it's attached.

We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow night to consider worship and to spur one another on to good deeds.

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