Weekly Update 07/13/2021


What a wonderful day we had on Sunday! Gathering together in one service, finally, brought a lot of joy in the room. I loved watching the interaction before and after the service, as you lingered to spend time with one another. There was a lot of encouragement going on with our time together. We’re thankful for a sweet time of worship.

The study in Sinclair Ferguson’s book, Devoted to God, is one that will linger in our lives for years ahead. I think it’s the most accessible book on the Christian’s sanctification, with clear biblical explanation and strong application, and so readable. I hope that you will reread this one in the years ahead. Ladies will be digging into chapter 10 tomorrow night at 6:30 and the students will be in chapter 9, with Sam Hughey leading their discussion.

We’ve gotten several reports from Pastor Matt and his sabbatical. He and his family are having a wonderful time with Mitch and Sara Kimbrell and other families living on the NETS campus in Williston, VT. Let’s pray for Matt as he works on some writing projects during these days.

I love the opportunity that we have to get involved in various mission opportunities through praying and giving via our monthly 2-Per gifts. Sometimes those opportunities lead to going as well. This month we’re helping with the work of our long-time friend Andy J., whom we’ve known from his service at a sister church in DC, as well as through numerous visits in other countries. Andy and his family have planted a church in a major national capitol in Central Asia. The COVID restrictions have slowed some of their movement but they’ve given good reports of opportunities to teach God’s Word and have gospel talks with locals. Pray for Andy and the work going on in this capitol city. Let’s generously help him with this church planting effort through this month’s 2-Per gifts.

We’re seeing that the Acts’ narrative is steeped with important movements of the gospel, along with critical doctrinal foundations for the church. Chapter 10 has been a treasure to meditate upon, showing us the greatness of our Lord’s mercy in pursuing people to bring into His kingdom. We’re seeing the foundation of Word and Spirit for gospel work, and its evidence through baptism and discipleship. Some of the early believers seemed shocked that the Lord would pursue Gentiles. We’ll see that in this coming Sunday’s exposition in Acts 11. You can watch and check the manuscript for this past week’s exposition here.

Thank you for praying for your pastors. We live in desperate need for the Spirit’s power and enabling in the whole of pastoral ministry. For as we considered this past week, we must have the Spirit to work to see the real work of God take place. Let’s pray for conversions in our midst. Let’s pray for our gospel witness in our community. Let’s pray that we might worship in Spirit and truth.

Phil N.

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