Weekly Update 06/29/2021


Some good things need to come to an end. Some do, some don’t. It was a good thing that we have been able to meet in multiple services to allow gatherings during the pandemic instead of trying to do some kind of online substitute (worship is a gathering—not an online viewing). When I hear of some churches still relying on online but not meeting, I find it depressing! But that good thing is not better than what we will be doing on July 11th, Lord willing. On July 11th, we’ll return to ONE SERVICE! Our elders have been discussing for some time the appropriate schedule to return to one worship service. July 11th is the date we all agreed would work well. So, get ready for at least a little return to normalcy with our 10:15 AM worship gathering. Pray for that time as we all get to see one another in one worship service! That’s not just good, that’s absolutely wonderful! And, there will be no more signing up for a particular worship service!

With the new schedule on July 11th, we’ll continue to have childcare each Sunday that will begin at 10:15 AM, for birth-3 year olds. Thank you to our volunteers for making this transition go so well! Thank you, Ms. Joy, Chris, Andy, and the preschool leadership for your help in getting all the details together for serving our children! We’re thankful that we have a wonderful group of volunteers who serve these children during the worship time to make attentiveness a little easier on moms and dads. You will not need to register ahead of time to put your child in the preschool. Just drop them off a little before the worship service starts.

Tomorrow night, the Ladies and Teenagers will be meeting for our ongoing study of Devoted to God. Those of you in the 9:30 service on Sunday got the wrong info from me during announcements! My apologies! The guys will gather the following week!

We had a really good response to our first Mercy for Memphis last Friday, as a group from South Woods helped with food distribution at Redeemer Baptist Church and World Relief. Thank you, folks, for serving around 350 families with food! That’s a lot of groceries! We look forward to getting back into the rhythm of our community service in the days ahead.

The building process has been slowed due to waiting on a city of Memphis permit. Yes, red tape seems to affect the things you want to see move along more quickly. We’re really pleased with the work being done and excited about what is ahead. Last week we received preliminary drawings/images for a new front drive and drop-off area. That will be a nice addition!

As I mentioned on another occasion, Acts 10–11 is pivotal in this narrative of the early church, in that the gospel moves into the Gentile world. Transitions took place that continue to impact gospel work today. Even those in the early church had to come to grips with how the gospel is for all people, not just those who look and talk like we do. Pastor Matt made that so clear on Sunday as he expounded Acts 10, with Peter coming face-to-face with the unfolding purposes of the Lord Jesus. You can listen to or read the sermon here. What did Peter preach once he got into Cornelius’ home? Pastor Chris will be opening the next text, Acts 10:23–43, on Sunday, as we see the same gospel for all people. One more time, you can sign up for either the 9:30 AM (with childcare) or 11:00 AM service for Sunday, July 4th, here.

Let’s pray for Matt, Julie, and their family as he begins his month long sabbatical. They’re heading to Vermont where they’ll be staying on the NETS campus in Williston, right near Mitch and Sara Kimbrell. We’re excited about the opportunities the Lord will give them during these days!

Phil N.
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