Weekly Update 06/08/2021

Good afternoon,

What a joy to gather to sing and pray and study the Word together this past Sunday. Thank you to everyone who served our children in the preschool area! I'm sure it was a bit of a transition for the kids that haven't done that in 14 months, but I imagine they'll reacquaint themselves with that area/practice over the next few weeks.

Obviously we're all grieving with Chris after the passing of his mother this past weekend. Be praying for Pastor Phil as he prepares both the funeral message for this Friday and this weekend's sermon in Acts 9:32–43.

You can sign up for this weekend's services here: (https://bit.ly/WorshipServiceSignup-June-13th-2021)

Pastor Phil and I will be heading to the Southern Baptist Convention this coming Monday through Wednesday. Do be praying for us as we seek to leverage whatever influence we have in pointing this convention of churches, and their pastors, toward the Scriptures and the centrality of the gospel in all things.

The following week I'll be leading our teenagers to Southern Seminary for this year's D3 Youth Conference. I'm thankful that we're taking the largest group we've taken in the decade I've served on staff here. The Lord's blessed us with a solid group of teenagers that have certainly endured a strange season over the past year or so. Pray that the Lord might use this in–person gathering focused on the Spirit of God to steady and strengthen them, as we saw in Acts 9:31 this weekend.

Speaking of, if you missed Sunday's sermon on that text, you can watch or read it here: (https://subspla.sh/4hr29dg)

Tomorrow night our men will gather to study Devoted to God and our children will be meeting for their classes at 6:30. We look forward to seeing many of you then!


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