Weekly Update 06/01/2021


On a lovely Sunday, we had an encouraging time of worship, as the body gathered to seek the Lord together. As we thought together on Jesus commanding, choosing, and purposing, we found a number of applications and implications in our text from Acts 9 that went to the heart of our lives. I had some wonderful moments of worship in preparing to preach on Sunday. You can check out last Sunday’s sermon video and manuscript here.

We tend to think of Saul (Paul) as the great teacher of the early church. Yet he had to be discipled too. Ananias started that joyful challenge. But soon, Saul gathered those he was discipling. It demonstrates that his connection of Old Testament truths to the revelation of Jesus came together quickly for him. Matt will help us to see that and more this Sunday. You can sign up for Sunday services here.

Be sure to remember that we’re re-starting child care during the 9:30 A.M. worship service this Sunday! Thank you to those who have already volunteered for serving. I love it! I’m grateful for Joy Sharp, Cindy Starr, Chris Wilbanks, and others in our preschool leadership that have been preparing for this re-start. Let’s pray that the ministry of our volunteers will impact our little children!

We’re looking forward to getting Mercy for Memphis back into action! In that regard, Chris asked me to pass along to you the following information on the 1st 2021 opportunity for M4M.

World Relief Memphis and Redeemer Baptist Fellowship, in partnership with South Woods and the Mid-South Food Bank, will be hosting a mobile food pantry on Friday, June 25th. The food drive will be at Redeemer Baptist near Quince and Estate. We will be serving our immigrant/refugee and non-immigrant neighbors who need food support during these challenging times. Please be sure to look for a sign-up email with more details within the next couple of days.

We will be continuing with our study and discussion of Sinclair Ferguson’s Devoted to God, tomorrow night at 6:30. Ladies, we’ll be investigating chapter 7 together. Teenagers, you’re up this week too!

This Sunday is Shepherding Group Sunday, June 6th. While some of our SGs might meet at other times, we particularly aim for the first Sunday of each month as a time to gather and fellowship with one another. We’ve had a long hiatus from our monthly meetings due to the restrictions associated with the past year. So we’re really glad to be officially regrouping and regathering. Why do Shepherding Groups? It gives us the opportunity to fellowship together, build relationships in the body, know how to pray for one another, serve one another, and sharpen one another as we live as Christians in this community. How can you participate? Pray for the other members of your SG. Consider volunteering your home as a place to meet and enjoy a meal on SG Sunday (or whatever time). Attend the monthly SG. Look for ways throughout the week to encourage and serve one another.

The building project is coming along. This week the workers are putting in walls that will make for a new configuration of the west side of our space. Thanks for your patience as we put up with the dust and tightened space while waiting for the expansion to take shape.
I look forward to gathering on Sunday to worship our gracious Lord!

Pastor Phil
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