Weekly Update 05/25/2021

Good afternoon,

I pray those of you who gathered Sunday were freshly reminded of the pursuing grace of God as we considered Saul's conversion. If you missed Sunday's sermon, you can watch it here (insert link) or see the attached manuscript.

As I said on Sunday, I want to commend our parents of young kids for slogging through the past 14 months. It says a lot about parents that show up knowing they won't be able to focus much during the sermon. And I believe that consistency, even when it's challenging, models something for their kids. I've been so encouraged.

Well, hopefully we're taking a step toward normalcy by beginning childcare again in a couple of weeks (June 6th). If you served in the preschool department before COVID, and haven't let Joy or Chris know you plan to serve again, please consider doing that. You can email them here: joydsharp@gmail.com or crwilbanks@gmail.com

I told Andy Fortner after Sunday night's sermon, "I needed that." Frankly, I needed the reminder of Habakkuk 3 to bless the Lord no matter the circumstances. Andy rightly got out of the way of that text, letting it speak for itself. I'm thankful to be a pastor that regularly is ministered to by my fellow pastors' expositions.

As I type, I hear quite a bit of hammering and work going on down the hall. In the new wing, they should be pouring concrete this week for the floor and beginning sheetrock. Thanks for your patience throughout this process. We're excited to see progress each week!

Tomorrow night our men will continue in Sinclair Ferguson's incredibly helpful book, "Devoted to God." Our children's classes will meet as well. Make plans to join us!

We left Acts 9 on something of a cliffhanger. Saul/Paul was told to go into Damascus and he would be told what's next. This Sunday Pastor Phil will tell us what's next, picking up in Acts 9:10ff. You can sign up for one of those two worship services here: service sign-up form

Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow night!

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