Weekly Update 05/18/2021


I’m sure that you noticed a gravel drive on the south side of our church building near the large, industrial dumpsters. That’s just a bit of evidence of the progress being made in the building project. The drive will be cemented in the next week or two, according to my info, per the requirements from the fire department. Plus, the west side of the building has been gutted, plumbing lines installed for the expanded women’s restroom, and plumbing added for preschool areas. Thanks for being willing to inconvenience yourselves for a while as this kind of good progress is being made.

This Sunday night (May 23rd) we’ll have our concluding exposition in the prophecy of Habakkuk at 6:00. Andy Fortner will be preaching and others from our pastoral training group will be leading the service. Please join the body for this time of worship. This has been a fascinating book to contemplate. The conclusion to Habakkuk is one of the most sobering and encouraging in any book of the Bible.

Tomorrow night will be Ladies and Teenager night for studying Devoted to God, the wonderful book by Sinclair Ferguson that we’ve been profiting from each week. Ladies, we’re on chapter 6. Let’s encourage one another with participating and discussing the truths we’ll see in this evening of teaching.

Pastor Matt will be getting us started in exploring Acts 9 this week, with Saul of Tarsus’ encounter with Jesus Christ. What a transition for the Christian church! A lot of things are happening in this chapter, so read and ponder it as you prepare to hear the Word expounded. You can sign up for this week’s worship services here.

I’m thankful for the time that we had Sunday in concluding Acts 8 and the story of Philip explaining the gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch. That amazing story, as we considered, helps us to understand true conversion. In a day when there are plenty of make-believe Christians, I’m thankful that we can see clear pictures of how conversion happens by the mysterious working of our gracious God. You can listen to the sermon here and download the manuscript here.

In just a few weeks, on June 6th, we’ll begin having childcare for 3-and-under during the 9:30 AM worship service only. This will allow those serving in that area to attend the 11:00 service if they choose to do so. We’re thankful for those of you volunteering to care for our children during this time of worship! We look forward to continuing to regain a bit more of our normal practices in the weeks ahead!

Preschool Workday, Saturday, May 22nd, 9:30 am - 11:30 am
We are in need of 6-8 people to help prepare the preschool area for the June 6th Preschool start. Please let Joy Sharp know if you are interested in helping, joydsharp@gmail.com.

Karen and I will be doing vacation this week, culminated with a trip to the Atlanta area for our nephew’s high school graduation. Thanks for your prayers as we travel and rest.

Phil N.

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