Weekly Update 05/11/2021


What a wonderful time we had on Sunday with finally getting to introduce a few of the babies born during the past year! I know there were a few more that were unable to be with us, but what a joy to welcome Nicole, Carmen, and Simeon as precious gifts from the Lord to pray for, point to Christ, and encourage as they grow!

Pastor Chris did a superb job in helping us to see the hand of the Lord at work throughout the little book of Ruth. I loved the way that he let the story of Scripture speak, making appropriate application along the way, but not cluttering the story with things we wish the text would say. That’s a powerful story of God’s providence at work in the unfolding of the story of redemption. To think that Ruth and Boaz, along with Naomi, had such an integral part of what we’re living in now through the Messiah, Jesus Christ, is really amazing! Thanks, Chris for serving us so well.

The weekly Wednesday night (6:30) STINT class will be for the men this week, along with the Children enjoying Bible study together in their age groups. Men, we’re on chapter 5 this week. Andy will be teaching, so pray for him as he prepares. Let’s pray as well for those teaching our kids this Wednesday: Julie, Chris, Jessica, Ben, and Kathryn. We’re thankful for each who leads our children.

In our most recent Elders’ meeting, we spent time discussing, as usual, the latest information available on the current restrictions on gatherings, as well as assessing our context. Here are two decisions the Elders have made and want to announce to you. (1) After the first of the year, we encouraged attenders to wear masks when entering and exiting the building. We appreciate your cooperation in this effort that took place when COVID cases had spiked in our community. However, now that the cases have drastically decreased, the Elders believe this is an appropriate week to rescind that earlier mask-encouragement. So from this point, if you prefer wearing a mask entering, exiting, or sitting, that’s strictly up to you. We recognize that some may have a preference to continue with a mask, which will be expected in our community off and on for a while, but you’re not expected to do so at South Woods.

(2) One of the missing elements of our ministry each week has been the faithful service of volunteers taking care of our three-and-under children during worship. Beginning June 6th, we plan to phase in childcare for both the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. Due to space constraints and making adequate preparation, we’ll ask that parents register their children for the service they’ll be attending. We’ll be passing along more information about resuming childcare in the next few weeks. Pray for our childcare team as they recruit volunteers, retrain with a few new wrinkles, and prepare the facility for this time of serving our children and parents.
I look forward to expounding from Acts 8:26–40 on the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch encountering the gospel on a deserted road. Pray for me, please, as I prepare and as the body gathers to worship.

Blessings,Phil N.

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