Weekly Update 03/09/2021


We’ve enjoyed the lovely spring days that have come a little early after the frigid temperatures we endured for a while. I think my yard will be beckoning my attention before I know it.


Pray for the membership weekend classes taking place this Friday and Saturday, as the elders lead these times with some interested in knowing more about membership at South Woods.

I will appreciate you praying for me tomorrow afternoon as I do a Zoom call with a group of pastors in Hawaii to discuss mentoring as discipleship. I don’t know any of these participants but look forward to discussing a wonderful subject with them that you’ve been part of for so many years in my life.


Pastor Chris will be preaching this weekend on the balance of Acts 6, as we see the emergence of Stephen’s ministry in Jerusalem. What an important figure for us in the early church! What an example of a faithful believer! Pray for Chris as he prepares. You can sign up for one of our three weekend services here.

Tomorrow night we begin a new STINT class at 6:30 for the ladies (men and teenagers to follow on March 17th). Sinclair Ferguson’s book Devoted to God is the guide to our discussion on living the Christian life. If you have a book, please read the introduction and chapter one, “The Game Plan.” If you’ve not gotten a book yet (there are more that have come in this week and on the book rack!), then read through 1 Peter 1 as preparation for the discussion.
As you noticed this weekend, Matt and I preached on the same text for the past two weeks but with a little different aim. He established the context and led us in seeing the way that the church developed its polity in the midst of the challenges of living life and doing ministry together. He introduced us to the distinction in the ministries of the Twelve and the Seven. My aim this weekend was to focus on the responsibilities of the Twelve, particularly prayer and the ministry of the Word. You can watch the service and read a copy of the sermon here. I hope that the emphasis and explanation and application of biblical exposition will serve you as you pray and minister to one another in the body.
We look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow and most of the rest of you this weekend!

Pastor Phil

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