Weekly Update 02/10/2021

Good morning,

Pastor Phil reminded us this weekend that the gospel––that which the Apostles' witnessed to––can be opposed by the world, can sometimes be distorted by God's people, and in other cases, can be entirely lost. Those responses to the gospel all happened throughout the history of the church. Because we face similar realities in our day, the message of Acts 5 helps to reorient us.


Speaking of opposition to the gospel, this coming weekend Pastor Phil will teach the next text in Acts where we'll once again see the Apostles standing before, and being questioned by, the Sanhedrin. If you get a chance, read through Acts 5:27–42 this week.


We're grateful to focus this month's 2per giving on Mark Morris' faithful ministry, "Refugee Memphis." Over the years, Mark's been a significant partner in and to our church's ministry in the area. If you'd like more info about what they seek to accomplish, you can check out their website here: http://refugeememphis.com/


Tonight the ladies will gather to discuss chapters 20 and 21 of Gentle and Lowly. I think the title of chapter 20 is one of the most compelling in Ortlund's book: "Our Law–ish Hearts, His Lavish Heart." Come, to be encouraged, and to encourage another.

All of Christ's blessings on this Tuesday,


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