Weekly Update 02/02/2021

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It'd be tough to construct a starker contrast than the one portrayed between the generosity of Barnabas in Acts 4 and Ananias and Sapphira's duplicity in Acts 5. Chris taught from the latter this weekend with appropriate intensity, that which proceeds from a text that lovingly warns God's people. J. C. Ryle continues to ring in my ears: "Whatever else we are in religion, let us be true." If you missed Sunday's sermon from Acts 5, you can watch or read it here.


In the Lord's mercy, South Woods is full of Barnabas–types, those whom we might too nickname, "sons or daughters of encouragement/exhortation." Joe Accardo did this kind of exhortation Sunday evening from the book of Habakkuk. We're thankful for the seriousness with which he approached the interpretation and presentation of that passage. Further, as a beneficiary of the mentoring at South Woods myself, I'm grateful for the way the body continues to rally around interns/mentees when they stand up to teach the Scriptures. Over the years, the Lord's caused that which this body's watered to grow for His glory.


Tomorrow night we look forward to studying the next two chapters in Gentle and Lowly. Men and teenagers, it's your week (chs. 18–19).

This coming Sunday Pastor Phil will pick up in our next text in Acts. We'll soon see that the words from the Jewish Supreme Court in Acts 4 were far from empty threats.

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