Weekly Update 01/19/2021


We’ve continued to have a fruitful time of study and discussion of Dane Ortlund’s Gentle & Lowly during our Wednesday night gatherings. We’ve met with men’s and ladies’ on alternating nights, with the teenagers joining the men’s night study. Jim Carnes will be teaching the men tomorrow night at 6:30 on chapters 16 & 17. It’s great to have this additional opportunity to see and talk with one another, too!

We had our first Sunday night service on January 10th, with a team of our men preaching through Habakkuk as the focal point of our worship gathering. We had a really good group with Jim leading in a helpful time of overviewing Habakkuk’s prophet word. The plan is to meet monthly, but to fit the 6 sections of the expositional series in, we’ll be having an additional January service on January 31st. Joe Accardo will be preaching that evening as our pastoral trainees will be leading all aspects of the service. Join us for this 6:00 p.m. time of worship.  

During 2019 and portions of last year, I worked on a book in the 40 Questions series that Kregel Academic came out with a few years ago, under the editorial leadership of Ben Merkle, a friend of mine at Southeastern Seminary. They asked me to do 40 Questions About Pastoral Ministry. I wrote the majority of the book during my isolation period with the heavy chemo of 2019. The book was a balm to my soul! It’s coming out over the next week, with Amazon making it available on January 26th. Please pray for its usefulness to the larger body of Christ.

Thank you for patiently working through the weekly sign up for services! Here’s this weekend’s sign up.

I love the prayer from Acts 4. It has long affected me when thinking about how to pray as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a privilege to expound this prayer to the body over the weekend. I hope that you find it to be an encouragement.

Phil N.

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