Weekly Update 01/06/2021

Good afternoon,

Pastor Phil's mentioned us having a worship service 1 Sunday night a month in 2021, largely for interns/mentees to plan the service and preach. Those guys have been working through the book of Habakkuk together, looking at how that prophet saw and understood the quandaries of faith. This coming Sunday night (6 pm) is the first one of these worship services. Jim will open up the first text. We hope some of you can make it as we begin that study.

(Side note: we will take the same precautionary measures we do on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings––physical distancing, etc.––but won't ask you to sign–up for these monthly Sunday nights.)

Mainly with that extra service in mind, we will not have our Saturday night gathering to worship and study the book of Acts. Instead, like last week, we will continue through the book of Acts together at 9:30 and 11:00 on Sunday morning. I'm eager to open up Acts 4:13–22, including Peter and John's bold assertion before the Sanhedrin, "Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge." Please sign up for those two services here.

If you missed last week's vital sermon text on the exclusivity of Christ, and the hardness of the Sanhedrin's hearts, among other matters, you can watch or read that sermon here.

Tomorrow night we'll pick back up in our Gentle and Lowly study. This week Chris will be teaching the men and I'll be doing the same with the teenagers. Chapters 14-15 are up. We'll look forward to seeing many of you at 6:30.


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