Weekly Update 12/15/2020


We’re thankful for the good group out this weekend and the accompanying spirit of worship that we experienced. We appreciate so much the faithfulness by which you pray for your pastors and encourage us in the work of gospel ministry.

Tomorrow night we’ll have the last Wednesday night study of Gentle & Lowly for 2020, with our Ladies having the honor of closing out the year. The men and students will start the New Year’s Gentle & Lowly Wednesday night study on January 6th, so please keep this holiday timing in mind. This round’s focus is on chapters 14–15.

This weekend we’ll have the Lord’s Supper in the Saturday night and two Sunday morning services. You can sign up for the services here. As we’ve done previously, we will have the single cup elements available on tables as you enter the worship area. We ask that you pick them up when you enter. Members of our ordinance team will be there to help out. Let’s pray that the Lord might help us to sense and see with eyes of faith, Jesus crucified for us, as we participate together. Pray for Pastor Matt as he unpacks one of the richest passages in all Scripture, Philippians 2:6–8, concerning our Lord’s incarnation and humiliation. That exposition from the Word will serve to help us meditate upon Christ as we prepare for the Supper.

Looking ahead, do remember that, sadly, we’re not having our annual Christmas Eve service due to the size of that group and the current restrictions. Lord willing, that wonderful time together will resume in 2021. Also, the plan with the two holiday Sundays, December 27th and January 3rd, is to ONLY MEET with two Sunday morning services rather than the 3rd Saturday night service. We’ll be reminding you of this over the next two weeks. You’ll still need to sign up. We’ll extend our spacing and size to accommodate 70 signing up in those two services.

As I mentioned last week, to help us gather together in worship and be fed the Word, we’re going to have monthly Sunday evening 6:00 p.m. services starting in January. Those involved in the pastoral mentoring will be preaching through Habakkuk, beginning January 10th. They will also be leading the worship services! Pray for these faithful brothers as they serve the body at South Woods.

I think the narrative from Acts 3 seemed to help a number of our folks this past weekend. We saw how the Scripture takes actual events, as the healing of the lame man, to drive home truths in much the same way that happens in parables. Real events press home real truths for the heart and mind. You can watch the service video and access the manuscript here.

I look forward to seeing those of you who are able to join us this weekend for the worship gatherings. Those who are unable to join us, we’re grateful for your prayers and trust that the video recording of the Saturday evening service will be an encouragement to you as Pastor Matt preaches this week as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Phil N.

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