Weekly Update 12/01/2020


I do think the chilly weather has arrived! I even saw a few snowflakes yesterday while working in my yard. Granted, it took careful attention to see them but a few floated down from the dark skies.

We had two wonderful services on Sunday at the conclusion of Thanksgiving weekend. It was a joy to have a number of guests joining us as they visited with family members. What a sweet time we had during the Lord’s Supper! How I miss having everyone together for the Supper! But even with the two, we were still able to think, reflect, and worship as the one body partaking of the one bread, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Each year we portion out about ten-percent of our regular giving for mission work. Additionally, we have our monthly 2-Per Gifts, which is the challenge to give $2 per person each Sunday to focus on supporting a particular missionary or ministry organization. This year, due to the limitations on international travel, the portion set aside in the budget to assist our church with international mission trips was not used. This left us with a significant amount that we have been able to distribute to a number of worthy missions, training partners, and ministries. Here’s where these gifts went over the past two weeks:

Mike & Amy Beaulieu to help with ministry
Chris and Lauren Spano to assist with support
Grace Church Memphis for their new building
Bethlehem College & Seminary’s new extension in Hawaii
Naivasha Shelter Kenya for personnel support
Jason & Sara Thomas, UAE, preparing for church planting
Brian Parks, UAE, Covenant Hope Church
Trinity Church Nashville for their new building
Central Asia Persian Affinity Cluster (IMB)
20 Schemes, Scotland, church planting in housing projects
Daniel & Kristen Lowry, Kenya
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, training
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, training

We’re thankful that the Lord has provided for us so that we might invest in and partner with these important works of gospel ministry. Pray for these partners as you think of the good work they’re doing as fellow members of Christ’s kingdom.

Pastor Matt’s sermon from Sunday on Acts 2:42, clearly laid out four corporate disciplines for the church: the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayers. Each is significant in building and maintaining a healthy church. I hope you’ll think on these practices that we make priorities for our congregation. You can listen to and read Matt’s sermon by clicking here.

This Sunday we’ll see together from Acts 2:43–47 the atmosphere of the local church. That first New Testament congregation gives us an amazing sense of what it should feel like to be part of the body of Christ. We’ll be offering three services this weekend (Saturday 6:00 p.m.; Sunday 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.). Please sign up for one of the services here. Thank you for continuing to observe our social distancing practices. We want to be conscientious as we love and serve one another, even in the way that we gather.

We look forward to seeing the ladies tomorrow night (6:30) for Gentle and Lowly!

Phil N.

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