Weekly Update 11/24/2020


Well, we didn’t get to do our annual Thanksgiving Dinner but we did get to gather with one another in three services to worship and receive from God’s Word. So, we have much to be thankful for in that case! We’re having to make a lot of adjustments along the way due to the restrictions and ups/downs of this period. You’ve adjusted beautifully as a testimony of your love for Christ and the church! Thank you for the way that you encourage one another. I was on a call with several pastors this week, one of whom reminded us that the disruptions in the way we gather and having to make so many changes is an attack from the adversary, so we must guard our hearts, cherish our unity, and be vigilant in our spiritual disciplines in such time.
We’ve had great participation from the body over these past months. While we continue to social distance in our services, thus limiting our numbers in each service, we’ve still been able to see the faces of people we love and pray for each week. What a gift from the Lord!

With Thanksgiving Weekend ahead, and after evaluation of the past few years of post-Thanksgiving-holiday-travel attendances, we have decided NOT to do a Saturday, November 28th service. Rather, we’ll ONLY do two services on Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 AM. Please note that as you sign up for Sunday here. In order to accommodate, as we’ve pointed out before, we have some elasticity in the seating areas while still maintaining social distancing parameters. We’re making a few adjustments on the seating arrangements to make sure that we can handle the attendance. You’ll see that we’ve raised the service limits from 60 to 70. We’ll also have a couple of ushers keeping an eye out and helping to make sure that everyone can find a socially distanced spot to sit and participate in worship.

This weekend Matt preached on the crowd's response to Peter's sermon. And Peter's response to the crowd's question, "What shall we do?" If you have questions about baptism, or if you missed that worship service, you can read or watch it here: Be Saved, Acts 2:37-41
This weekend Matt will be teaching one of the most significant verses in the New Testament describing the life of the early church, Acts 2:42. We look forward to gathering and considering that teaching on the church as the church. And similar to the early church, we'll also celebrate the Lord's Supper together. As we did a couple of months ago, we won't be passing anything around. Instead, we'll have the more sanitary pre–packaged communion packets for you to pick up as you come in.

Remember, no Wednesday night gathering this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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