Weekly Update 11/17/2020


Thanksgiving is fast approaching! One of our favorite traditions at South Woods, the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, should be this Sunday night. But alas, alas, confounded COVID! We’re hampered from joining together for this annual feast. While we regret it, we’re also looking with longing to the time when we can break bread together in fellowship meals. We’re not sure when that will happen but we trust that the time will come sooner rather than later. We’ll at least have a bit of nostalgia on Sunday night when thinking of all the extraordinary meals we’ve had together on the Sunday night before Thanksgiving. As I recall, we’ve done this meal for the past 33 years. That’s a lot of turkey and ham, sweet potatoes, and some of the best desserts anywhere!

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I hope you’re continuing to profit from reading Dane Ortlund’s Gentle and Lowly, as well as participating in the Wednesday night study/discussion of the book. We will have the men and teenagers up tomorrow night at 6:30. Thank you for your steadiness in this study and using it as a means to serve others in conversations.

Our tent is gone but it didn’t hamper our three gatherings this weekend with really good attendances in each of the services. The church staff is so thrilled by the body’s faithful participation! While we dearly miss seeing everyone together, as we had with the tent services, at least we can partially gather and enjoy the warmth of fellowship in Christ. The singing in the past few services has been absolutely wonderful! And the attentiveness to the preaching of the Word has helped those of us preaching to preach with more fire in our souls. Thank you for your prayers as the Word is expounded.


I had the joy of finishing up our look at Peter’s Pentecost sermon this Sunday. You can view it here. I have put the manuscript below. This Sunday Matt will be looking at the response to the sermon. Why is this important to consider? For numerous reasons, but chiefly, when we hear the Word of God, particularly the gospel proclaimed, we must not attempt to be neutral about it. The gospel demands a verdict, as has been said so often. In the case of Peter’s sermon, we’ll see how the Holy Spirit worked in the hearers so that they had a new longing in their hearts not before present. Then we’ll see how Peter told them to respond to the gospel.

Do know of our love for you and prayers on your behalf.

Phil N.

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