Weekly Update 11/10/2020


It was so good to have everyone together on Sunday! The weather was perfect! The Lord kindly gave us a lovely day to join together under the tent to sing praises, pray, confess sins, confess together the Word, and to worship through the exposition of God’s Word. Thank you for gathering in this setting to worship. As we’ve mentioned numerous times (and we’ll do it still more), we think it’s vitally important whenever we can to all meet together in one gathering, for that is the essence of the church—the gathered body in Christ and indwelled by the Holy Spirit. What we’re doing in multiple services is a temporary attempt to adapt to the current circumstances but not a longterm or end goal for church ministry.

While this past weekend’s weather was ideal, it doesn’t look likely that we will have more opportunities to utilize the tent over the next weeks/months. So we’re asking you to sign up for one of the three weekend services here. You can choose Saturday at 6:00 p.m. or Sunday at 9:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.

We’ve had really good participation in the Gentle and Lowly study on Wednesday nights. This week the ladies are up for the 6:30 p.m. study tomorrow night. We’ll be looking at chapters 10–11. Remember, men and students, you’ll be gathering next week on November 17th.
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While we’re still in the abnormal stage of 2020, let’s think about those we might can encourage. Let me urge you to be faithful in praying daily for those involved at South Woods. You can use the prayer bookmarks as an aid. That’s part of my daily priority in my devotion time. As you pray for the body, ask the Lord to nudge you about some whom you might need to send a note or email or text or give a call or meet for lunch (while keeping social distancing). Then do it. You need not wrestle over whether to do so or not. If they’re on your heart, go for it. We all need encouragement from one another. God has given us the body of Christ toward that end.


Pastor Matt and I have chopped up Peter’s sermon synopsis into three expositions. As you remember, Matt pointed out that this 3 or 4 minute sermon at Pentecost is the “Cliff Notes” version of it. Wouldn’t you like to have heard the whole thing! We’re showing how Peter explained the meaning of Pentecost, first by giving its roots in Joel’s prophecy, second by looking at its foundation in the death and resurrection of Christ, and third (this coming Sunday) by seeing how Jesus poured out the Spirit as Lord and Christ. Pray for our time together this weekend that it might be fruitful to God’s glory.

Phil N.

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