Weekly Update 11/3/2020


It was good to be back for this weekend’s services! I was so encouraged by the worship and the message on Pentecost and its ongoing impact in our lives. Thanks for praying for me as I preached the previous Sunday in Keller, TX. The Lord granted much liberty in opening the Word on assurance of salvation. I count on the prayers of this body, whether out preaching or doing mission work, or (and especially) ministering in our church. Thank you for praying for your pastors!

Jay Campbell presented the 2021 Church Budget with a wonderful report of God’s faithfulness through His people at South Woods during 2020. Due to the unpredictability of how best to plan for 2021, the budget is essentially the 2020 budget with some staff salary adjustments. If you have questions, please talk with Jay or Brian Knack. They’ll be glad to help out. We’ll vote on the budget on the November 15th weekend.

I hope that you’re getting a chance to use the Mission and Ministry Prayer Guide that we provided a few weeks back. It’s such a helpful tool to keep our hearts warmed to what is happening around the globe and how we might intercede in partnering with those laboring in other places. If you need a copy, some are available on the book rack.

Your ever vigilant weather-watchers are keeping a good eye out on Sunday. The present forecast shows a 75 degree high and 60 low! Nice! This means that there’s a really good opportunity for us to meet under the tent (maybe for the last hurrah for a while) in one gathering! However, as we’ve been doing, we ask that you sign up for one of the three weekend services here. We will continue charting the weather and will let you know by Friday whether or not we can gather in only one 10:30 a.m. service on Sunday. I know from reports that it was a little chilly and damp the last time we used the tent. We’re trying our best to make sure that we have warmer temperatures and good weather before giving the green light for the one service. As you realize, sometimes that’s a little hard to predict. Thank you for your patience when the weather doesn’t quite cooperate with our plans! As a reminder, if we do meet under the tent, there’s plenty of room to spread out and social distance with our seating. Please keep that in mind. There are areas marked with a white stripe that we ask you to put your seat (a lawn chair you bring or one from the church) and keep adequate space. Thanks for your cooperation!

Our 2-Per gifts for the month of November are aimed to help one of the dearest brothers that we know, Pastor ChaCha Boke, who serves at the Navaisha Shelter outside Nairobi and pastors a church in the area. ChaCha has a contagious smile that mirrors his warm hearted passion for Christ, the gospel, and Christ’s church. He’s having a major impact on the boys at the Shelter! Many of you will have Christmas ornaments made by Kenyan pastors on your tree this year, a work headed up for many years by ChaCha. I love being able to help national pastors who are theologically solid as a rock, devoted to proclaiming and relying upon the gospel in evangelistic work, and tireless in laboring for Christ’s kingdom. That’s what we have in ChaCha. So let’s serve him this month with our 2-Per gifts.

Speaking of serving, Pastor Matt served us so faithfully this weekend with his exposition from Acts 2. I’ve loved seeing the way he has opened this critical portion of the Word with clarity and helpful application. You can listen to the sermon or check the manuscript out here. I’ll be following this week, Lord willing, by looking more closely at Peter’s sermon at Pentecost. As Matt explained what Pentecost is and how it was predicted by the prophet Joel, I’ll consider how Peter taught his audience how the prediction came about and what it means. Thanks for your prayers as I prepare.

Phil N.

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