Weekly Update 10/27/2020

Good afternoon,

Here's my favorite wry comment on Sunday, from someone relatively new to South Woods: "They keep calling it Elder Burger; but I don't know why." Apparently, there's an elder named Jason; and he owns a deli.

But, in another way, Sunday was also profoundly encouraging. Unfortunately, the 5% chance of precipitation turned into certainty overnight, surprising all of us when we awoke. But, still, many in the body gathered. And many stayed for a long time after the service to share one of Jason's cold sandwiches. There are few things as edifying as preaching on church unity––which I'd just done––and then being able to watch people demonstrate it, fellowshipping with one another, unrushed, in a less than comfortable setting. That's yet another effect of Pentecost. The Spirit has united a people.

If you missed that sermon, we had a few issues with the video, but you can listen to the entirety of the service here (sermon starts 25 minutes in): https://vimeo.com/471964320I've attached the worship order and manuscript again if you missed it the other day.

As I said in that sermon, and as we've expressed multiple times, our theological preference would certainly be to gather all together under the tent this weekend. But, with the unpredictability of the weather (especially the potential cooler temperatures this weekend), we're going to meet inside, per our "2020 normal" three–service structure. Thank you all again for being so flexible. Here's the sign–up for Saturday night (6:00) and Sunday (9:30; 11:00):

I'll be picking up this Sunday in Acts 2 where Peter answers the question of the multitude at Pentecost, "What does this mean?" (Acts 2:12)

Ladies, don't forget about tomorrow night's study of Gentle and Lowly at 6:30!

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