Weekly Update 10/13/2020

Sunday was a monumental day for us! We overwhelmingly approved the changes to the Church Manual recommended by the Elders and we approved together the Elders’ recommendation that we shift our “Senior Pastor” pastoral model to one of “Co-Pastors,” with Matt and myself serving in this capacity. I’m happy that the body spoke with clarity on both recommendations.

I want to welcome Matt to the new role of Co-Pastor. While in one sense, this role is not new at all since he’s been functioning in our plurality of leadership in that way, it is new in title and recognition by the body. I’m so grateful for him and Julie, and their family, and rejoice that this decision by the church body indicates to them our love and gratitude for their service among us presently and in the years ahead. As we both explained in the interview that Dan led and further by our video talk and the Q&A email to the body, the way we’ve practiced plural leadership at South Woods for many years set the stage for the two of us serving as Co-Pastors. As Elders, we believed this to be the best way to maintain the continuity in the ministry God has given us at South Woods for the next generation. Thank you for the confidence that you placed in us through your affirmation.

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We look forward to gathering Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in one service! The weather forecast looks great for the week, so we shouldn’t have any problem. However, later in the week as we see things more clearly, we may ask you to sign up for one of the three services, just in case.

Otherwise, plan to join the body for worship and a box lunch picnic afterwards. We’ll be sending out a sign-up email for the box lunch so that you can make your selection for Sunday. As with previous times, we’ll ask you to bring along lawn/camp chairs if you have them, continue with social distancing, sit in an area designated with a white stripe, and enjoy the service and the meal to follow. We’ll have some extra chairs around too. Be sure to dress comfortably and appropriately for the temperatures that morning. As a reminder, we have an extra 40% of seating area under the tent with the latest expansion, so we have plenty of room to spread out!

Gentle and Lowly, chapters 6 & 7, will be discussed tomorrow night with our Ladies. The guys and teenagers will follow with the same on October 21st. Have you noticed that in sermons and discussions together we keep coming back to truths we’ve found so helpful in this book? It’s just that kind of impactful book!

We were greatly helped on Sunday by considering the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. Matt led us to worship as we contemplated the kingship and present nature of Christ’s kingship ensured by the ascension. No wonder that truth is found throughout the Scripture! We need to be regularly reminded that Jesus is King! You can watch the video and read the sermon here.

Pastor Chris will be working through the next passage in Acts 1, helping us to see the significance of the apostolic ministry. We need to understand the role of the apostles and its uniqueness in that day, plus its effects upon us now. There are some claiming the same kind of apostolic authority in our day but the New Testament never gives that authority outside those Christ appointed. Pray for Chris as he prepares and preaches on Sunday.

Phil N.

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