Weekly Update 10/06/2020


I sure enjoyed the beautiful Lord’s Day with all of you under the tent! We were blessed with incredible weather and a gracious sense of the Lord meeting us in worship. Pastor Matt’s sermon from Acts 1:6–8 clearly and powerfully set forth the kingdom work given to the church by the power of the Spirit. If you missed last Sunday, be sure to check the message out here.


Tomorrow night we’ll continue in the Gentle and Lowly study with our men and teenagers. I’ll be leading the guys and Matt will be leading the teenagers through this helpful book. If you’ve not joined us as yet, please come on this week.

This Sunday is an important day in the life of our church. We plan to gather in one service under the tent (with an additional 40-feet to make it roomier), as long as the weather permits. That’s why we need you to sign up for one of our three weekend services, just in case. You can do that here. After the service we’ll enjoy a boxed lunch “picnic” together. Be sure to sign up for your lunch selection here. Okay, I know, lots of sign ups! But we want to make sure that we plan well for all that we do in our gatherings. Thanks for taking the time to sign up for both!

Right after the service introduction, members will be voting by ballot on two important decisions. First, we’ll vote to approve the changes to the Church Manual, updating it to reflect structural changes. Second, we’ll vote on Matt Sliger joining me as Co-Pastors at South Woods, with the structural changes detailed in the Church Manual. As you know, these two matters have been worked on, prayed about, and discussed with our elders for several years until presenting them on September 13th. We’ve had some good questions entertained in a video and email that I hope have clarified anything we may have missed in our presentation on the 13th. Plus, we’ve enjoyed talking with a number of you over the past 4 weeks about our excitement in these proposals. Join me in praying for the Lord to direct our church in His will during this time of voting.

Right after Jesus charging the disciples to wait in Jerusalem to be endued with the power of the Spirit, He ascended. Luke gives us two versions of the ascension in His Gospel and in Acts. Pastor Matt will be expounding the Acts’ story of the ascension this Sunday morning as we gather to worship at 10:00 (note, that’s assuming weather works in our favor; otherwise, sign up for the weekend services). I look forward to seeing you!

Phil N.

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