Weekly Update 09/15/2020


Sunday was such a special day! We had the Lord’s Supper in our weekend services for the first time since February. Then we followed with a special presentation from the Elders concerning changes to our Church Manual and the proposal to move to a Co-Pastor model, with Matt Sliger and me serving in those roles, from the present senior pastor model in our pastoral structure. As Dan Meadows pointed out, this is a plan that the Elders have worked on and prayed about since 2014. We’re thankful for the Lord’s mercies and many providences along the way to confirm the direction that we believe the church should take. You can listen to the discussion that Dan, Matt, and I did on the Co-Pastor proposal this Sunday by going to our video site. We encourage everyone to listen to that discussion.
As the three of us mentioned, Matt and I plan to do videos and/or emails in response to any of your questions about the changes in the Church Manual or the Co-Pastor pastoral model. To help with the video responses, we’d appreciate you sending those questions by Wednesday of this week. We plan to do the video on Thursday afternoon. Of course, if you think of some questions after that time, send them on. We plan to continue communication right through until the church makes a decision on the Church Manual and Co-Pastor pastoral structure. So please email us with your questions: panewtonsr@gmail.com or msliger@southwoodsbc.org.
The vote on the proposal is scheduled for October 11th. Those members who are unable to attend will have opportunity to vote along with the rest of the attendees. We will send information on that later on.


TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Our ladies will be gathering tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. to continue discussion on Gentle and Lowly. Please read chapters 2 & 3 for the discussion. Pastor Chris will be leading. The following week our men and teenagers will meet at the same time for the same chapters’ discussion. We’ve had great response for this regrouping for South Woods’ STINT classes. We look forward to this week’s time together.

WE ARE UNDER THE BIG TENT ON SUNDAY!!! We have a huge tent scheduled to be set up for our Sunday morning service this week. You do not need to sign up for a service since we will have only one service at 10 a.m. The weather looks really nice (at least from this vantage point). Dress comfortably. The pastors will not be wearing coats and ties! We are super excited about having the entire body gather together in one service! We’ll be doing more singing than we’ve been able to do in our limited formats on the weekend. BRING YOUR LAWN CHAIRS for the service. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we’ll have extra chairs available for you. We’ll ask you to sit in designated areas that will be marked out.

I’m rejoicing in the Lord’s mercies!
Phil N.

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