Weekly Update 08/25/2020


We’re nearing the end of August. Time flies even during a pandemic! With that end, we conclude on Sunday our summer series in the Psalms, “Songs of Lament and Hope.” We’ve seen over and over how pertinent the ancient text of God’s Word is for our present day. Sunday, with Pastor Matt’s message from Psalm 85, was no exception. The beauty of how the psalm unfolded as it took us to its fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom steadfast love and faithfulness met together, righteousness and peace kissed, gave all of us a sense of the wonder found in God’s good news to us in Christ.


Our final psalm in this series looks at Psalm 86. It’s somewhat different than most of the other laments we’ve considered in that it deals with what I’m calling, garden variety laments. There’s no national calamity at hand but the reality of what we face everyday. This psalm shows us how to navigate the inward and external struggles we face. Thanks for praying for me as I prepare for Sunday.


By now, most all of you have a copy of Dane Ortlund’s Gentle and Lowly. We’ve ordered a few more for those that have yet to get hands on this amazing book. We plan to do a STINT study (Yes, STINT returning!) starting September 2nd, with our ladies invited to participate at 6:30 p.m. for the first session. We’ll ask the men to follow on September 9th at the same time. Then we’ll continue alternating until such time that “the coast is clear” and we can ALL-AGES gather. We’ll spread out in the auditorium to continue the social distancing policy with this study. So, if you’ve not started reading yet, work on the first few chapters. That’s really a good way to read this richly written book. Just read a chapter and put it down to let it soak in. Then go for another one.

Thank you for your faithfulness in financially supporting the work of our church during these days! You’re really amazing in the way you don’t let anything slow down your participation in the body.

The book of Acts is coming! We’ll get started in September with our new expositional series in the book of Acts. Matt will overview the Gospel of Luke (volume 1) on the first Sunday, to remind us where we’ve journeyed in preparation for the next stage penned by Luke. I’ll follow with an overview of Acts so that we can see the lay of the land in its 28 chapters. Then we’ll start to dig into the text, section by section. It’s an extraordinary book that shows us the continuity of God’s kingdom work through Christ and His apostles—and the rest of the church through the ages. We’re excited to get this study underway! Pray for much fruit in our lives as we open our hearts and minds to receive the Word.

You can watch Sunday’s video of “The Songs of Korah,” Psalm 85, here.
By God’s great mercies, I look forward to seeing you this weekend for our gatherings. You can sign up here for our three weekend options.

Phil N.

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