Weekly Update 08/04/2020

Good afternoon,

I hope you've been able to pick up your copy of Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund. I've told a few people that this book forced me to read slowly. After I'd finish a chapter I'd have to set the book down for a few minutes so that I might marvel at the heart of Jesus for sinners and sufferers. In fact, it ended up being the opposite of a page turner, in the most encouraging of ways. If you've not received a copy of the book, please let us know and we'll be sure to set one aside.

We're looking forward to starting that book together on Wednesday nights in September. Here's an example of what the alternating schedule looks like for the first few weeks:

Sept. 2nd Ladies: Intro and Chapter 1 - His Very Heart
Sept. 9th Men: Intro and Chapter 1 - His Very Heart
Sept. 16th Ladies: Chapters 2 and 3
Sept. 23th Men: Chapters 2 and 3

We'll send out a more detailed schedule in the weeks ahead, but our hope is that this will allow more opportunities for you to see and encourage people you haven't seen as much recently while also being an opportunity to study this helpful book together.

I asked one of my kids what words they heard me say in this week's sermon on Psalm 62. They replied, " . . . only, David, God, and Charles Spurgeon." Strikingly accurate! If you missed this past Sunday's sermon, it is available on the South Woods app and at this link: https://subspla.sh/p4kysg2

I'm looking forward to opening up Psalm 77 this coming Sunday. This is one of the less obscure Psalms of Lament. And I think it is taught with more regularity because of the clarity with which it speaks to both the human experience and the vivid ways it speaks of God's deliverance. I encourage you to take a look at Psalm 77 sometime this week and pray for one another as we prepare to gather. You can sign up for this weekend's services here: https://bit.ly/WorshipServiceAugust-8th-9th-2020

All of Christ's blessings to you today.


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