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The Immeasurable Joy of Hope in Christ
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
Much has changed with my understanding of biblical hope. Hope in Christ now underlies my pastoral visits and pastoral counseling. Instead of only a few choice texts, I see hope throughout the Scripture. I find great joy in pointing to hope in Christ with my congregation. This buoyant hope as a fountain of joy deeply affects my living, preaching, and teaching.   Read More
Preacher’s Toolkit: How Do I Handle an Unbeliever’s Funeral?
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
A gospel minister’s angst heightens in wondering how to lead a memorial service for an unbeliever. So how do ministers serve families whose deceased loved one has given no evidence of trust in Christ? Here are seven considerations.  Read More
Should You Pastor a Church You Would Never Attend?
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
Should you accept a call from a church you wouldn’t attend? That’s where discernment and humility, along with wise counsel and a willingness to follow Christ, will give you clarity.   Read More
5 Ways Elders Can Shepherd Elders
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
Yes, pastors need pastoring by their fellow elders. We can certainly develop formal structures for doing so, such as accountability times, Bible studies, peer reviews, and so on, but I’m advocating for something more holistic—life on life in the crucible of ministry. Know each other well. Serve each other faithfully.  Read More
How Should a Church Handle Accusations against an Elder?
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
An elder’s office does not put him above correction. Yet the congregation must show such respect to those appointed to lead, so that only with much humility, verification, and care will they reprove an elder. Members and elders will faithfully serve one another with this kind of accountability.  Read More
7 Ways to Shepherd the Terminally Ill
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
If there is no comfort in the gospel, there is no real comfort anywhere.  Read More
5 Dangers That Can Wreck Church Plants (and Planters)
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
Don’t plant a church unless you take seriously the dangers that lurk.  Read More
“I Learned the Hard Way”: Mentoring at South Woods Baptist
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
In my present pastorate at South Woods Baptist Church, I approach my own practice of pastoral mentoring both formally and informally.   Read More
Four Observations from a Rookie Elder
by Eric Singleton on January 12th, 2020
A plurality of elders ends up sharing the load of pastoral ministry. Though the weight of some burdens might overwhelm a single, isolated elder, carrying that same burden with men you trust makes it more bearable.  Read More
Dysfunctional Elders Make a Dysfunctional Church
by Eric Singleton on December 10th, 2019
In the hustling whirl of elder ministry, let’s not neglect the most basic responsibility: setting an example for living, loving, serving, and caring for one another in the body.  Read More